Welcome to Flowing Waters Academy

Welcome to Flowing Waters Academy featuring adult classes (ages 16 years old and up) in Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Gong. I, Sifu Whiting, owner and master instructor of Flowing Waters Academy, thank you for inquiring about the martial art programs offered here at Flowing Waters Academy. We are looking for eager students who are ready to put forth their best effort to train in the martial arts. I promise to train my students to the best of my ability in those arts.

I chose the name Flowing Waters Academy because “flowing waters” describes the gently flowing movements of Tai Chi and the water aspects of Kung Fu. I have been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years now and have a vast variety of experience and techniques.

At Flowing Waters Academy, we start our training with a foundation, having each student work their way up to higher levels of understanding of the postures in the Tai Chi forms and our most advanced movements in Kung Fu. In our training, we encourage the student to practice what he or she is learning over and over to have what they are learning become second nature. In the martial arts, this enables the student to react to a situation quickly and decisively. Many aspects of the martial arts are a way of life that can be applied to everything you do. Flowing Waters Academy looks forward to working with each student, encouraging their goals and helping each student strive for success.